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Soledad O’Brien has some ‘splaining to do about her gig with Chick-fil-A after she shamed Twitter CEO

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was shamed into expressed regret for eating at Chick-fil-A during gay pride month — the bar’s low when it comes to collective moral outrage on the left — and among those calling Dorsey out was former CNN host Soledad O’Brien.

O’Brien took to Twitter to indicate that Dorsey had committed a sin for such a daring act:

BUT, all is not well in Camp O’Brien. Turns out, Ms. Hypocrite was a keynote speaker at a 2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast event.

Titled, “The Choices You Make Define the Leader You Become,” the event was held at The University of Texas at Austin, with Soledad O’Brien sharing top billing with then NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and best-selling author and pastor John Maxwell.

For those quick to note the date in defense of O’Brien, suggesting that was a different time, the social media account that shared her Chick-fil-A gig offered a ready reply:

Here’s a sampling of responses to O’Brien’s “problem,” see if you can pick up on a trend:




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