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Fox News poll shows record Trump approval, but also why GOP should be concerned

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The latest Fox News poll gives Republicans plenty of reasons to feel good just five months out from the midterm elections, but includes one really big reason the GOP should be concerned.

This concern being that despite a robust economy, Democrats have the enthusiasm advantage.

Guy Benson, a contributor for Fox News and political editor of Townhall.com, offered a breakdown of the good and bad Sunday afternoon on Twitter:

As Fox News reported, 52 percent of registered voters are happy with the president’s handling of the economy and most indicators continue to come up roses, despite the doomsayers on the left.

But, as the poll shows, Democrats still hold a nine-point lead over Republicans on the generic House ballot.

According to the survey, 48 percent of voters selected the Democratic candidate in their House district, compared to 39 percent who went with the Republican choice.

While this may say a lot for the American appetite for checks and balances, it’s not the most troubling report. The Democrat’s nine-point lead is actually up from a five-point lead they held in a March survey from Fox News.

As for the check and balance theory, Democrats saw a significant drop in support for their ticket during the midterm elections under former President Barack Obama.

Some social media users questioned the sampling of the poll:


At least one questioned the sampling AND Benson’s less than stellar support of Trump.


Nonetheless, the results produced some interesting responses on social media. Here’s a sampling from Twitter:


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