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Four-year-old Prince George playing with a toy gun leads Piers Morgan to make regretful move

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Prince George and his family warmed hearts as they were seen watching a charity polo match but the future King of England’s toy choices raised some eyebrows.

The royal family was on hand to watch William, the Duke of Cambridge, in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy  in Gloucestershire on Sunday. And as Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, watched over George and Princess Charlotte, photos pictured the four-year-old prince playing with a toy gun, toy knife and handcuffs.

But Piers Morgan’s attempt at a joke over the photos earned him some instant backlash.

The host of “Good Morning Britain” was referring to the gun tattoo on the leg of soccer star Raheem Sterling.

Morgan later attempted to clear things up by saying he was just joking.

But it was too late to stop the firestorm he brought upon himself.

Frieda Powers


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