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Bernie Sanders: ‘There will be pain’ if I get my way on socialized healthcare

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Never have truer words been spoken.

Bernie Sanders, champion of the democratic socialist movement in America, took to CNN to promise that if his plan for full-on government controlled health care comes to fruition, there will be “pain.” And how.

It’s easy to dismiss the U.S. senator from Vermont, but he is revered by the socialist element of the Democratic Party — no small number — and came close to defeating Hillary Clinton, had the party not stacked the deck against him.

Sanders appeared on CNN Thursday to discuss a single payer health care system with liberal host Chris Cuomo and didn’t care that this is socialized medicine.

“So what?” he stated boldly, when Cuomo noted that this what others will call it.

And Sanders readily acknowledged that with socialism — see Venezuela — there will be pain.

“Will they lose their jobs when we have health care guaranteed? The answer is, yes,” he declared, speaking of the thousands of employees involved in the billing process.

“On the other hand, we have a lack of doctors in this country, a lack of nurses, a lack of nurse practitioners and dentists,” he continued. “We are an aging population. We need more people working with the older people.”

In effect, government determining your lot in life?

“We’ll create more jobs under a rational Medicare for all system than currently exists,” Sanders said. “There will be a transition just as the same way to transform the energy system. We create more jobs and pain, and you got to deal with that pain.”

Right, ask Venezuela about that pain.

“Dealing with pain is not something that’s done well in politics and why the idea of raising taxes to pay for this single payer plan, almost a guarantee, is hard. Your own state Vermont tried it in 2014 and couldn’t do it,” Cuomo said  in response.

Sanders counter that Americans will be happy paying higher taxes, if the amount is lower than the cost of health insurance, which dictates that everyone must pay into the system, as President Barack Obama learned with his Obamacare mandate.

Tom Tillison


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