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Jim Carrey unveils twisted painting of Melania Trump, earns the social media scorn he deserves

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Jim Carrey unveiled another of his so-called works of art, taking a jab at first lady Melania Trump.

The actor and comedian took aim at the first lady in another of his politically motivated paintings, this time depicting the president’s wife with what appears to be a brainwashing device.

The painting was shared on social media just days after Trump tweeted her own message, jabbing the media about its relentless hysteria over her whereabouts.

Trump has been out of the public eye as she has been recovering following a kidney operation a few weeks ago at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Carrey’s comment accompanying his painting post referred to the first lady’s lack of visibility, something that has launched dozens of conspiracy theories.

But the first lady made her first public appearance since her surgery on Monday, wearing a sleeveless black dress during a reception honoring Gold Star families at the White House.

Carrey’s disturbing depiction of Melania Trump is the latest in his ongoing attacks against the Trumps, and garnered plenty of negative reaction on Twitter.


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