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Acosta begs media cohorts for support after he’s spanked by Sarah Sanders… it doesn’t go so well

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“Not today, Jim.”

Soon after Sarah Sanders repeatedly shut down Jim Acosta at the White House press briefing, the CNN correspondent put out a call for “reporters to stick together.”

Acosta questioned the White House press secretary during Monday’s meeting about the appropriateness of shooting language used by President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudi Giuliani.

“You would have to ask Rudy Giuliani about his specific comments,” Sanders responded. “Thankfully the president hasn’t done anything wrong, and so we feel comfortable in that.”

Acosta pressed again, but Sanders cut him off.

“If I could ask a follow-up question … ” he said.

“Sorry I’m going to keep going,” she said. “Not today, Jim.”

Acosta shouted, to no avail, as he insisted others had gotten to ask follow-up questions. “No, they didn’t” Sanders replied.

Still stinging, Acosta took to Twitter later to posit his great idea of sticking together.

But his attempt to rally the troops fell flat, predictably, as many responded to Acosta’s battle cry with resounding mockery.

Frieda Powers


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