Pay attention, Chicago. Ohio blows up gun control narrative – laws not new, just need enforcement

The latest number of gun and violent crime indictments in Ohio just threw cold water on the liberal narrative about gun control.

On Friday, the Department of Justice announced 13 new gun-related indictments in the state, making for an increase of about 60 percent over the previous two fiscal years, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

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Liberal media outlets are not likely to focus on the news of gun control that works – the kind that takes firearms out of the hands of criminals and uses the law to punish them.

The Ohio indictments covered crimes ranging from falsifying information on a background check, illegal possession of a firearm by a felon to possessing a firearm in a drug crime, laws that aren’t new but just needed to be enforced.

The latest indictments and the increased number of gun-related prosecutions are aimed at keeping dangerous criminals off the streets according to Justin Herdman, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. The defendants have long criminal histories with many violations including drug trafficking, robbery, felony assault and assault on a police officer.

“These defendants include those with a long history of violent crime, as well as defendants who have illegally obtained guns for criminals to use in violent crime like carjackings,” Herdman said in a statement. “As part of Project Safe Neighborhoods, we will continue to work with local police and federal law enforcement to target the most dangerous offenders and make our community safer.”

The latest indictments, according to the DOJ, are a result of cooperation between multiple law enforcement agencies and increased prosecutions since President Trump took office.

According to the Free Beacon:

The department announced in July 2017 that the increased focus had led to a nearly 23 percent increase in gun prosecutions. Attorney General Sessions said the strategy was designed to send a message to those who would commit gun crimes.

“Following President Trump’s Executive Order to focus on reducing crime, I directed federal prosecutors to prioritize taking illegal guns off of our streets, and as a result, we are now prosecuting hundreds more firearms defendants,” Sessions said at the time. “That sends a clear message to criminals all over this country that if you carry a gun illegally, you will be held accountable.”


And while those advocating confiscating all guns continue their demands and bash the Trump administration for not doing enough, Sessions repeated in March that federal gun prosecutions have reached a decade-high number since Trump took office.

“Under my tenure as attorney general, we have already increased federal gun prosecutions to a 10-year high—and we are just getting started,” he said. “With these new measures in place, we are better positioned to disarm criminals and protect the law-abiding people of this country.”

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Meanwhile, in cities which tout gun-control laws like Chicago, the criminals seem to have the upper hand. More than 1,000 extra police officers patrolled Chicago’s neighborhoods over the Memorial Day weekend but there were still eight people killed and 32 others wounded by gunfire, according to WLS-TV.

Trump’s tough stand may have spurred an increase in indictments in Ohio, but the president continues to be frustrated with the resistance in Chicago where the city’s police are openly waging war with “anti-police” Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

While Chicago did not make the Forbes list of top 10 most dangerous U.S. cities, most of the cities cited – including the top three, Detroit, St. Louis and Oakland – have one thing in common: Democratic mayors.

Frieda Powers


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