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Clip of ‘sad Ben Rhodes’ after Hillary’s defeat becomes funniest thing on Twitter, but it wasn’t meant to be

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A somber moment caught on video during the election campaign has unintentionally sparked a hilarious roasting of former Obama aide, Ben Rhodes.

A new HBO documentary titled, “The Final Year” on “President Barack Obama’s foreign-policy team during its last year in office,” captured the exact moment Obama’s former Deputy National Security Advisor learned Hillary Clinton had lost the election to Donald Trump.

But instead of a gut-wrenching embodiment of the feeling of defeat, the reaction from a shell-shocked Rhodes inspired countless mocking responses.

The unexpected responses took off on Twitter.

Video of former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power also provided entertainment.

Memes of Rhodes’ state of mind took over the internet, and the musical accompaniments sent reactions into overdrive. “Rhodes’ “I can’t even…” with a musical score broke the internet.


Frieda Powers


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