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‘Start ‘em young’ caption and pink feminist t-shirt on young boy has JCrew retailer in hot seat

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“Start ‘em young.”

When it comes to liberals, the wolf is always at the door… with a special appetite for our children.

Putting politics ahead of retailing, J.Crew shared a photo on Instagram of a young boy in a pink T-shirt — of course — emblazoned with the phrase: “I am a feminist too.”

“Start ‘em young,” the accompanying caption began.

The goal of advertising is to draw attention, and that’s just what the American retailer did, coming under fire for the image.

And make no mistake, the company was clear about the political intent of the shirt, as seen on the product description on the J.Crew website.

“Proud to be creating a legacy of feminists. We believe in teaching boys, from an early age, about the importance of gender equality and respecting the physical and emotional boundaries of girls,” the description reads. “Prinkshop is proud to partner with J Crew on this limited edition capsule collection that celebrates Moms, Women, and the empowerment of Girls around the world.”

As seen in the current push for gun control, the left is not above exploiting children to advance a political narrative. The end justifies the means, no?

The company has not released a statement amid the backlash over the photo, but did share this photo on Instagram, along with the caption: “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Come on in, the water’s fine… ??? ? @mackenziehoran #jcrewalways

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Odd behavior from a company that went through a shake up at the very top last year, as sales were way down and the brand was in trouble. A company that was buried in debt, according to Business Insider.

The JCrew photo of the young boy was shared just as The New Yorker published, “Seven Signs That Your Man’s Masculinity Is Nontoxic” — as much as you’ll swear it’s a parody, a product of The Onion, it’s not.

The signs include white wine drinking soy boys who “openly [cry] during Pixar movies— even the parts that aren’t sad, just beautiful.”

Based on the reaction on Twitter, the success of the ad campaign may come down to whether JCrew attracted enough new, pro-feminist consumers to offset the number of customers who took offense to the political messaging.

Here’s a sampling of responses:


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