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House Dems, lib activists planning new stunt to keep anti-gun narrative alive

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House Democrats are part of a new scheme to keep their anti-gun narrative alive — wear orange like hunters do.

In an attempt to bring about awareness on gun violence House Democrats are asking Americans to wear the color orange during June 1 -3 which has been deemed, “Gun Violence Weekend.” The resolution states that everyone should “wear orange, the color that hunters wear to show that they are not targets,” the Washington Examiner reported.

More than two dozens Democrats are pushing the initiative that they hope will continue to be mainstay topic during the summer months when gun violence tends to escalate. The resolution was introduced 10 days after the tragic school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, last week.

A quick look at Twitter shows Dems are working with anti-gun groups Mom’s Demand Action/ Everytown who are out in force promoting the event:



And an anti-gun protest wouldn’t be the same without actress Alyssa Milano:

Meanwhile, as the months continue to warm Chicago has seen a troubling uptick in violence and shootings. The Windy City has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws, but that hasn’t stopped killings from reaching a crisis point.

A DePaul University professor recently spoke to Fox News’ Marth MacCallum and urged President Trump to send military troops to the city to protect the innocent.

“Wannabe-commandos terrorize neighborhoods,” Jason Hill said as he gave a chilling summary of what the city is enduring.

Jason Hill pleads with POTUS to send mititary troops to Chicago.

It’s unlikley Jason Hill would be excited to see a bunch of liberals wearing orange,  but he is desperately hoping to see some folks show up who wear camo.



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