‘There’s the collusion!’ Maria Bartiromo calls for Mueller to investigate Hillary over Russian collusion

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo thinks it’s high time for special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Hillary Clinton for collusion with the Russians.

Bartiromo discussed the Clintons and Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between the Russian government and President Donald Trump’s election campaign on her show Wednesday with guest Newt Gingrich.

“The Clintons have always been corrupt,” the former House Speaker and current Fox News contributor said on “Mornings With Maria.”

“They have always gotten away with it. They remain corrupt. While they were being corrupt…the establishment covered for them. Then all of a sudden, the establishment was faced with this horrifying possibility Donald J. Trump could become president. ‘If Donald J. Trump becomes president, everything we’ve done illegal is going to become public.’… And so if you think about it as a novel, or as a movie, it all begins to make sense,” Gingrich added.

“Robert Mueller’s initial mandate was looking for collusion,” Bartiromo noted later in the segment.

“How do you ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton worked with Russians, paid for a dossier. That dossier was used to get a FISA warrant to wiretap an American citizen,” she said.

“There’s the collusion! Hillary Clinton and the Russians!” she exclaimed.

“How is Robert Mueller not including that in his investigation?” she asked. “It’s just not feasible!”

“That’s why you have to see it as a novel,” Gingrich responded.

“Well, how does it end?!” Bartiromo inquired.

“Actually, America wins,” Gingrich replied, adding that the Constitution will “drive us to the truth.”

Frieda Powers


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