Tim Allen dishes on un-PC ‘Last Man Standing’ relaunch. It’s better than we thought … brace yourself!

Actor Tim Allen is celebrating the relaunch of his hit show “Last Man Standing” by throwing political correctness right out the window.

While talking to reporters Allen half-jokingly hinted at what the upcoming episodes could be about. “We’re gonna be very politically correct,” a sarcastic, but jovial Allen said.


“I’m going to identify as an Asian woman that wants to be a European man … we’ll do the journey of what it’s like to be an Asian woman in a European man’s body … I eat a lot of Ramen. It’ll be a lot of Asian dishes. It’ll be subtle.”

Many red flags were raised over ABC’s decision to drop “Last Man Standing” last year while the show was experiencing favorable ratings. Like Allen, the character he played, Mike Baxter, had conservative leanings, and many (including Allen, himself) suspected the network ditched the show for political reasons.

With the unquestionable and resounding success of the Trump-supporting Roseanne show, Fox picked up “Last Man Standing” and Allen isn’t going to let PC bullies change his tone or beliefs.

“I don’t want to be PC,” Allen continued. “For all of us in the stand-up world, all of us are seeing this and feeling this, and it’s a little dangerous and uncomfortable that there [are] things you can’t say because they might hurt people’s feelings.”

Allen went on to address the tragic and dangerous snowflake culture that aims to squash any kind of speech they feel “offensive” — which is every kind of speech.

“Words mean nothing,” he added. “It’s the intent behind the words. Lenny Bruce said it. Comics play with them all the time. We joke around about words … and in my gut, words don’t matter. The intent behind the word matters. I’m a wordsmith; we play with words all the time.”

Allen compared his Baxter character to “Archie Bunker” and said “he’s got a very big sense of self, his opinions matter.” Baxter also has a wife and three daughters with different opinions, Allen noted, “he’s conflicted.”

The “Last Man Standing” relaunch is set to air this fall of Fox.


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