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With no evidence, pundit floats Trump ‘personally funded multiple abortions.’ Sparks fly.

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A heated debate about abortion sent a Fox News panel into chaos as a left-leaning Fox News contributor made an outrageous claim about President Trump.

The panel gathered on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle” Friday discussed the possibility that the Trump administration may cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

Conservative columnist Kristin Tate explained to host Pete Hegseth and fellow panelist Jehmu Greene that the national debate over abortion funding is about taxpayers money and not about women’s rights.

“This is not about making abortion illegal or stripping women of their rights,” Tate said. “this is simply about separating taxpayer funds from abortion operations.”

Tate also noted that Planned Parenthood would not be facing changes to their funding if they “simply agreed to disentangle their taxpayer money from abortions as family planning.”

Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene pushed back, disagreeing that Planned Parenthood is performing abortions “on the taxpayer’s dime,” before making an outrageous comment.

“I think that what’s outrageous here is that no one would be surprised if President Trump himself hadn’t personally funded multiple abortions,” Greene said.

“Do you have evidence of that?” a surprised Hegseth asked.

“No, I have no evidence,” the former candidate for Democratic National Committee chair replied. “But-”

“Hold on, hold on! You’re just tossing that out!” Hegseth said, shocked. “So we don’t need evidence for those types of claims?”

“Jehmu, how could you say that on national television with no evidence?!?” Tate chimed in as the segment went off the rails. “This is so irresponsible, Jehmu!”

“I’m just saying no one would be surprised,” Greene continued. “Would you be surprised, Kristin?”

She went on to claim that Trump is taking “many women’s access to basic health care.”

“Jehmu, stop spreading misinformation!” Tate shouted. “This is ridiculous.”

The sparring continued as the segment went on, with Greene never walking back her remarks.

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