Pro-Trump guest sticks it to smug Don Lemon in middle of wild debate on ‘racist’ Trump supporters

The lengths CNN will go to brand President Donald Trump a racist is noteworthy, as their on-air personalities will seize on any incident to accomplish the feat.

Case in point, Don Lemon used the angry New York lawyer caught on video yelling racist things at staff in a midtown Manhattan restaurant who were speaking in Spanish to tie the incident to Trump and his supporters. The incident can be seen below:

The video went viral as the national media ran with it, and Lemon set the table when he declared the man is not an anomaly, that white people act this way all the time.

“I encountered people like him all the time,” the CNN host said. “These are every day racists, every day bigots. These are people you encounter all the time in life.”

Panelist Steve Cortes, a former Trump campaign official in a 3-on-1 scrum, argued the US can’t be a structurally racist society if Barack Obama was elected president.

“It’s two separate things,” cried fellow panelist Tara Setmayer, as she quickly faulted President Trump for the man’s behavior.

“You can still have people that elected Barack Obama,” she insisted, “and there’s also still a percentage of this country that are still bigoted and racist and think it’s okay to behave like this because the president of the United States does!”

When Cortes failed to surrender to the liberal narrative, Setmayer said he was “just deflecting because he won’t acknowledge Donald Trump makes bigoted statements,” and after a long rant about how racist the president is, she proclaimed his actions “breeds this kind of culture now that we see.”

Though outnumbered, Cortes exposed Lemon’s zealotry as the CNN host tried to tie rampant racist behavior to those who wearTrump’s “Make American Great Again” hats. When Cortes countered by pointing to racist behavior from the violent Antifa group that’s supported by Democrats, Lemon started laughing at his guest.

Lemon’s haughty snicker was quickly snuffed out when his liberal guest took the rare opportunity to agree with Cortes’ Antifa statement as “true.”


Cortes also made another point, which gets to the heart of the desperate need for the left to brand Trump a racist, that being he’s beginning to win over black Americans, which would prove to be disastrous to the Democratic Party.

“I’ll tell you this, too, by the way, if Donald Trump is a racist — which he clearly isn’t, I know him and he’s not,” Cortes said. “But if he is, he’s remarkably bad at it because all he’s done is make life better since he was elected for minorities.”

This prompted Lemon to quickly defend the left’s messiah, informing Cortes that is was really Barack Obama who “pulled the economy into a better place.”

Tom Tillison


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