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Cali Trump supporter takes city council to task over immigration — brings folks in the room to their feet

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The Santa Clarita City Council eventually voted to formally oppose the so-called sanctuary law passed by the Democrat-led California legislature, but not before getting an earful from citizens fed up with politicians advocating on behalf of those who are in the country illegally.

With a 5-0 vote, Santa Clarita follows a number of counties opting to oppose the pro-illegal immigrant law, the Los Angeles Times reported. But the elected officials were first given a lesson on the Constitution on Wednesday as Americans of all colors, many of them wearing Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats, cheered her on.

“If you’re in this country and you are here legally, we love you,” the woman said. “We want you to be successful, but we want you to be American. We want you to respect our flag, we want you to make your you assimilate to our ways. We want to make sure you don’t start waving your flag, the flag from your country that you are telling us you don’t want to go back to.”

“God bless Trump,” she added, saying America would not be at this “crossroad” if it wasn’t for President Donald Trump.

The people in the room rose to their feet as she took her seat.

But she wasn’t the only citizen who has had enough, as seen in a Fox News report on the city joining the Trump Administration’s lawsuit against California.

“Americans are dreamers too,” another citizen said. “We’re paying for welfare, for section 8, you costing us our jobs. We’re paying for you.”

“Respect Americans. This is America!” she said emphatically, as the room cheered. “This is our home and this is our country.”

There were plenty of Trump supporters in the room, to include people of color, as seen in photos shared on social media:



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