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Valerie Jarrett got news of record unemployment low live on-air. How she reacted is pure insanity.

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The lowest unemployment rate in almost two decades and President Trump’s critics can’t bear to give him credit.

Senior advisor to former President Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett would not openly give Trump credit for a stunning 3.9% unemployment rate, pointing instead to her former boss for being the real catalyst behind record low unemployment rates throughout the country.

“The breaking news that we just had moments ago were the new job numbers, the lowest in anybody’s memory, 3.9 percent unemployment rate. It’s been 15 months of Donald Trump’s presidency. Do you give him credit for that?” Alisyn Camerota asked on CNN’s “New Day” on Friday.

“Look, I think we have to look at it over a longer horizon than that,” Jarrett replied.

“If you think about what the economy was like when President Obama took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. Under his watch, the unemployment rate dropped in half and it’s encouraging to see that we’re continuing to make progress,” she declared.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

“We want to see wages go up and I think that’s an important focus and I was glad to see you talk about that too. So, for the workers out there who are back to work today, I think it’s very encouraging,” the former Obama aide added.

President Trump celebrated Fridays’ strong report with a tweet that also took a jab at the “with hunt” going on against his administration.

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report Friday revealed a record-breaking 91 months of consecutive monthly job growth.

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