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Hannity GOES OFF on bogus MSNBC ‘bombshell’: Need more proof media doesn’t care about the truth?

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Sean Hannity verbally torched the mainstream media which is “yawning” through groundbreaking events while focusing on “fake news” that brings down President Trump.

He went off during the “Opening Monologue” of his Fox News Channel show, “Hannity” on Thursday, slamming NBC News for retracting its bombshell report that there was a wiretap on the phones of Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney.

“And now we’re learning that a major component of this report was once again ‘fake news’ and NBC was forced to issue a ‘correction,'” Hannity said.

NBC’s retraction atop its story on Thursday stating that “three senior U.S. officials now dispute that, saying that the monitoring of Cohen’s phones was limited to a log of calls, known as a pen register, not a wiretap where investigators can actually listen to calls.”

“While the media is busy reporting all the fake news about Michael Cohen and spinning in circles over a small, tiny portion of my 40 minute interview with Rudy Guiliani, we have actual news about the lives of three of our fellow Americans long-held hostage by North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, in other words “little rocket man,”” the Fox News host explained, referring to reports about the possible freeing of three American citizens being held by North Korea.

Hannity broke down multiple major developments under the Trump administration that are being glossed over by the liberal, mainstream media.

“Three American lives are at stake. your mainstream media is yawning, paying very little attention. Kim Jong-un is making unprecedented concessions, the mainstream media is yawning,” Hannity said.  “We’re talking about the denuclearization of the entire Korean peninsula.”

He went on to cite historically low unemployment in 14 states, noting that “Americans receiving unemployment is the lowest since 1973. The media can care less.” He exposed the same media apathy to reports of 17-year, record lows in unemployment rates for African-Americans, Hispanics and women in the work place.

“The media could care less,” Hannity announced.

“Do you need any more proof that the news media in this country does not care about the truth? About doing their job? About you?” he asked as he fired his final blistering rebuke.

“They care about their liberal, left-wing pathetic agenda,” he concluded.  “And they’re like one big, huge, massive echo chamber with a bunch of overpaid, spoiled brat anchors that don’t do their job.”

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