‘We do not hire liberals’: NY judge opens Pandora’s box after allowing bar to throw out Trump supporter

After a judge ruled last week that it’s not against the law for a business to throw out a Trump supporter, you just knew a Pandora’s box was being opened.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice David Cohen ruled the law doesn’t protect against political discrimination, siding with The Happiest Hour bar in New York City after a patron claimed a bartender refused to serve him and a couple of friends after seeing his red “Make America Great Again” Trump hat.

The ruling prompted one social media user to tweet a memo, titled “We Don’t Hire Liberals,” suggesting this may soon become the trend.

And while labor laws are more restrictive about discrimination, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Right?

“Now that a NY judge has ruled that political discrimination (against Trump supporters) is not illegal we might be seeing more signs like this!” the tweet reads.

Of course, the memo would need to be altered to say, “This IS because we disagree with their political views.”

Social media users warned this may be a sign of what’s to come as the political divide in this country continued to widen.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:







In the end, a user rained on the feel-good parade by reminding all that businesses may still have to hire liberals… “under the Americans with Disabilities Act.”


Tom Tillison


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