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Take a close look at the gorgeous prom dress deemed culturally offensive. This fashionista got last laugh.

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Imagine posting innocent photos of prom night only to be publicly shamed because a whole bunch of leftists declared you picked the wrong dress.

That’s what happened to “Keziah” from Utah when she proudly showed off her beautiful qipao style dress that she wore for the big night.

A closer look at the offending dress:

Image via Twitter.

The backlash stemmed from a tweet by Jeremy Lam who was severely triggered by the Asian influenced attire.

There was a day when most Americans would have laughed at such a self-important, ridiculous statement, but today is not that day. The virtual signaling was strong and regressives were all to eager to glom on with massive retweets from folks who think like this:

The backlash prompted feisty clarification from Keziah. Not quite an apology, but dangerously close:

Lam also took a beating on Twitter for his obnoxious statement:

Jacob’s right, it is becoming harder to believe.


Then the battle took on an ever darker turn when a savvy Twitter user did some digging on Lam and came up with some “racist” tweets.

Pinned at the top of Lam’s Twitter page is this doozy:


It looks like Lam doesn’t mind making a complete fool of himself in order to slam “whitey” whenever he can. He also ended up apologizing (kind of) in a long, mostly nonsensical Twitter thread. Part of it included the following;

Meanwhile, Keziah thanked her growing supporters for their kindness, and proved what is one of today’s most important societal lessons… Never back down to the angry mob when you’ve done nothing wrong. Also, speak up for those who are being wrongfully silenced, because when you do, the end to that story looks a lot like this:


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