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Obama staffer tries to convince Tucker the House intel report is bunk: ‘So they would hide treason?’

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Despite the release of a GOP House Intelligence Committee report finding no evidence of collusion during the 2016 election campaign, Democrats are still not convinced.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on a former Obama campaign staffer on Friday to debate the suggestion that Republicans on the Committee are intentionally covering up evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Robin Biro thought it was “tough to say” but noted that the committee’s chairman, California Rep. Devin Nunes, is “basically a yes-man for Donald Trump.”

“It seems to me they’re engaging in willful ignorance that seems partisan to me,” Biro said on “Tucker Carkson Tonight,” adding that it didn’t seem like a “complete investigation” by Republicans.

“I don’t think that they want to find out that [collusion] happened,” Biro replied when Carlson asked what the motive would be for Republicans on the Intel Committee to cover up the information.

“So they would hide treason?” Carlson asked, incredulous.

“I would hope that our elected officials would not do something as treacherous as that,” Biro replied, pointing out that as a veteran Army Ranger, he took an oath to protect against “all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Carlson questioned if after more than a year spent on a non-issue which, according to “the most comprehensive report to date” claims there is no collusion,  it is time to move on to more pressing problems like the economy and opioid crisis.

“Do we get to move on to that or do we wallow in this crap forever, what do you think?” he asked.

Biro agreed with the Fox News host and also agreed that it s time that the Democratic National Committee also come forward with evidence to prove their claim that the Russian government hacked their servers.

“That’s a very fair question,” Biro said. “I want to know the answer to that question just as well as you do. I am giving the DNC side eye on that myself.”

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