Tucker explodes over Joy Reid’s excuses: ‘You’d have to be a moron to believe it’

Tucker Carlson slammed left-wing television host Joy-Ann Reid on the handling of resurfaced homophobic posts from her old blog.

The Fox News host ripped into the “icon on the progressive left” for her “embarrassing” articles during “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday.

“There’s not a single fashionable opinion Joy Reid doesn’t have or isn’t happy to denounce you for not having,” Carlson said. “But, she wasn’t always that way.”

He explained how her blog posts sounded very different from the very liberal MSNBC host today.

“She mocked gay people, people she thought were gay, and opposed gay marriage,” Carlson said, explaining Reid’s current controversy in which she lied about writing the posts, and later claimed she was hacked. Carlson noted that an “honest explanation” that her thoughts had evolved would have sufficed but Reid fabricated a storyline that now seems to be falling apart.

“It really sounds like an MSNBC segment,” Carlson quipped. “Part of what they run every night.”

Carlson blasted Reid’s excuses as a “total crock.”

“In order for her claims to be true, which they are not, the secret hacking plot must have begun at least 12 years ago before anyone knew or cared who Joy Reid was,” he continued. “That’s a lie. It’s a childish lie. You would have to be a moron to believe it, yet she’s telling it.”

The Fox News host then turned on Reid’s employer, NBC News, which is “endorsing all of this as true and trying to convince other people it’s true,” citing the network’s leak of the Access Hollywood tape to the Washington Post and how and it “killed” the bombshell report on the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

“Keep in mind that NBC, which is passing this out to other news organizations, claims itself to be a news organization. New organizations are not supposed to lie. That’s rule one, and yet NBC executives make a habit of lying,” Carlson said.

“Now NBC is helping Joy Reid lie once again and almost nobody else in the media is saying anything about it,” he said.

Frieda Powers


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