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Meghan McCain calls out Stormy for blatant ‘publicity stunt’ after she plays victim on ‘The View’

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Meghan McCain has some real doubts about the motivation behind Stormy Daniels and her lawsuit against President Donald Trump.

The porn star, making her first live television interview Tuesday, told “The View” that she is “done being bullied” as she discussed the lawsuit seeking to nullify a nondisclosure agreement on an alleged affair with Trump.

“I’m tired of being threatened. And intimidating me and trying to say that you’ll ruin my life and take all my money and my house and whatever,” Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said when asked why she was speaking out on the daytime show.

“I’m sorry, I’m done. I’m done being bullied. Done,” she added.

But co-host Meghan McCain wasn’t on board with the porn star’s pity party.

“It seems like a publicity stunt on some level,” McCain said, addressing Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti who both made an appearance at Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s court hearing on Monday.

“I mean, I think yesterday, because you didn’t have anything to do with the case, it seemed a little like you were just trying to get attention, which I understand that you’re being sued by our president, but it does seem like you’re benefiting a lot,” McCain said.

“It seems like a publicity stunt on some level.  You’re going on your ‘Make America Horny Again’ tour. I’m sure you’re making a lot of money, no disrespect,” she continued. “I hadn’t heard your name until all this had happened and now you’re literally live on ‘The View’ giving an entire interview with us. So it has been beneficial for your career.”

Avenatti pushed back, clarifying the reason why he and his client were at the Cohen hearing.

“So we had every right to be there, and Judge Wood, a sitting federal judge, would not have granted me access to address the court if we had no business being there,” he said, referring to the judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York who, interestingly, was once hand-picked for an attorney general position by Hillary Clinton and officiated George Soros’ wedding in 2013.

Daniels admitted she has gotten more bookings since all the publicity with the Trump case but insisted that it was not the goal in her coming forward with her allegations.

“Yes, I am dancing more. Yes, I’m making more money but I’m spending more money. I think I said somewhere else, show me somebody who would say, we want you to do the same job and pay you more money. That’s not why I did it,” she explained.

“To go back to what I was saying before, I worked very hard the last ten years or so to really be known as a female director in the adult business. I was in the process of like moving onto some mainstream things. I’ve directed some music videos. I had a passion project of mine in the works for the last several years to direct a horror movie and those people that were my investors have ghosted me. They’ve completely abandoned me,” she said.

“Will Trump be in the movie?” co-host Joy Behar chimed in to the delight of the audience.

“Well-played,” Daniels responded.


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