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Jackie Mason: ‘Mueller’s sex problem should be investigated’

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Comedian Jackie Mason thinks he knows just why special counsel Robert Mueller can’t let go of his investigation of President Trump.

Mason contends Mueller’s own “sex problem” is the reason why the probe of alleged Russian collusion never seems to end and the many plot twists along the way seek to prolong the investigation.

The 86 year-old actor and stand-up comic unpacked his theory in the latest exclusive clip for Breitbart News.

“The story is supposed to be that Donald Trump was involved with a certain girl, who’s a sexy type of girl, with big boobs and a hot body, and she was supposedly paid off $130,000… what does this got to do with Russia? The story was supposed to be about Russia,” Mason began, referring to porn star Stormy Daniels who is suing Trump over an alleged affair.

“So Robert Mueller, who couldn’t find anything about Russian collusion,” Mason continued,  “because that was an invented story that went on for a year and accomplished nothing — he said to himself, ‘Since I can’t accomplish nothing because I’m too stupid to keep investigating the Russia problem, what am I gonna do for a living?’”

“Now he was out of work, so he decided a porn star was the main problem,” he added, suggesting Mueller’s jealousy of Trump is at the core of the issue. “Now can you tell me what a porn star has to do with Russia?”

“You know what I think? We should figure out why Mueller has such a sex problem,” Mason said. “That’s the real problem here. His sex problem should be investigated. I know what to do. We should have a special counsel investigating Mueller’s sex problem.”

The political establishment is still “sick to their stomachs” that Trump is president, Mason contends, noting that the problem is bigger than Mueller. He even took a jab at Attorney General Jeff Sessions whom he called “impotent” because he “accomplishes nothing and does nothing for a living.”

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