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Comey’s wife reveals disdain for Trump, sparks hilarious debate over who wears the pants in the family

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Turns out, James wasn’t the only Comey to morn Hillary’s Clinton’ monumental defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

The former FBI director’s wife, Patrice Failor, was so admittedly “devastated” by the election results she joined in the “Women’s March” in Washington DC to protest duly elected President Trump.

James Comey has been busy hitting the media circuit to try to sell his partisan memoir where he bashes Trump at every turn. He claims that he acted as an unbiased, objective FBI chief, but the fact that he fast tracked Hillary Clinton to exonerate her of wrong doing in the FBI’s email probe and makes no secret that he loathed Trump from the beginning, makes that claim far-fetched to say the least.

Add to that, his wife Patrice was so unnerved by Trump’s surprise candidacy that she felt the need to align herself with radical left-wing loons like Madonna and Ashley Judd who launched into creepy, emotional rants and even expressed the desire to ‘blow up’ the White House at the “Women’s March.”

Given her husband’s Trump-disdain, it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that Patrice Comey was in attendance, but it is making some wonder just who “wears the pants in the family?” As one witty Twitter user named “Don” pointed out, did Patrice support Hillary at her husband’s command as Hillary said of white female Trump voters — or is that just for liberals?

Don’s tweet received a lot of attention:

Don wasn’t the only one to take a shot at Hillary over Patrice’s “Women’s March” stance:


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