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Sean Hannity’s tweetstorm to Stephanopoulos ranks high in Comey interview responses

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity unloaded an epic tweetstorm as James Comey held his first interview on ABC.

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Hannity spent the duration of Comey’s with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday tweeting at the host and the former FBI director.

Not surprisingly, Comey was never challenged by Stephanopoulos as the  long-time Democrat and Hillary Clinton lackey offered up softball questions, even asking the fired FBI chief if President Trump is unfit to be president.

(Image: screengrab ABC)

Sean Hannity was not about to sit quietly through the performance.

Hannity hammered the former Clinton White House communications director with questions about Hillary Clitnon’s emails and at one point asked, “Also who did you vote for @GStephanopoulos?”

(Image: screengrab ABC)

It seemed at times Hannity was doing the ABC anchor’s job for him, asking the pertinent questions that should have been leveled at Comey.

(Image: screengrab ABC)

He even poked Stephanopoulos about the time running out before asking the hardball questions.

Hannity ended his tweetsorm as the interview came to an end, concluding that “journalism is dead’”after wacthing the worst interview in his life.

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