Conservative TV host gets the axe after saying he wanted to ‘ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s’ keister

A Sinclair Broadcast Group television station has canceled its conservative commentator’s show after an offensive comment he tweeted about a teen Parkland shooting survivor.

Jamie Allman turned in his resignation at KDNL, the Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate in St. Louis, after he sparked outrage with a tweet saying he was  “getting ready to ram a hot poker up David Hogg’s ass,” The Washington Post reported.

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Allman, who hosted a nightly show on KDNL, came under fire for his March 26 comment and ignited an advertiser boycott.

“We have accepted Mr. Allman’s resignation, and his show has been canceled,” Ronn Torossian, acting Sinclair spokesman and  PR executive, said according to the Post.

He also did not make an appearance at his daily show, “Allman in the Morning,” on the conservative FM news-talk radio station KFTK following his departure at KDNL.

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State Rep. Stacey Newman, a Democrat who supported and  joined the boycott, applauded Sinclair’s decision.

“I’m amazed at the outcry,” Newman said Monday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We’ve had people all over Missouri (and) all over the country weighing in on this … it’s heartwarming to know that tons of people throughout the state understand this is not acceptable. Even though we hadn’t asked for his removal or resignation, (Sinclair) took it upon themselves. People know where the line is.”

Allman has been critical of Hogg, who has become the face of the teen anti-gun movement following the mass shooting at his Parkland, Florida high school on February 14 which left 17 people dead. The conservative radio and TV host called Hogg  a “big complainer” after the teen bashed his school’s new requirement that students carry clear backpacks.

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“He says you shouldn’t have the right to have a certain kind of gun but I should have the right to have any kind of backpack I want,” Allman said during a segment on his show, according to the Post. “Trying to nail this down. Very confusing. But these are confusing times.”

He also blasted the high school senior for his part in the boycott against Fox News host Laura Ingraham who hurt the teen’s feelings when she tweeted about him not getting some of his college applications accepted.

Hogg ignited an advertiser boycott against Ingraham who later apologized. The teen rejected her gesture, name-calling the host as a “bully.” Fox News stood by Ingraham and, after a week’s vacation with her family, she returned to the air Monday with a fiery monologue blasting “the left’s plot to silence conservatives.”

“You can’t say ‘Hey I’m just a kid,'” Allman had said about Hogg. “We have to be allowed to refute what you’re saying… or to respond to it, you can’t be all the time grabbing your blanket when the going gets tough.”

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