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Twitter explodes on Kamala Harris for cracking ‘joke’ about a dead Trump and laughing hysterically

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There is no end to the double standards liberals get to boastfully enjoy.

Perhaps there’s been no more glaring example than from California Senator Kamala Harris’ appearance on the Ellen show Thursday. When asked what she would do “if stuck in an elevator” with President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, or A.G. Jeff Sessions, Harris ‘jokingly’ asked if only one could “come out alive.”

It’s not that conservatives don’t have a sense of humor — far from it. Unrestrained from the Orwellian grip of political correctness, those who are right-of-center arguably enjoy plenty more laughs than their liberal counterparts.


In the heat of maximum political polarization, Democrat obstructionism, and mass censoring of conservatives, Harris’ ‘joke’ wasn’t judged on amateur comedic talent, but was a slap in the face from a political elitist who’s exempted herself from the rules she tries to subject upon everyone else. Not to mention, it’s coming from a Party that complains Trump’s “rhetoric” and jokes are too crass. Please!

As conservative commentator Larry Elders said… Imagine the outrage if that joke had come from a conservative.




Harris is no stranger to controversy. The Dem Darling who’s favored to make a 2020 White House run royally stepped in it recently with an ill-conceived tweet slamming Trump’s use of taxpayer money.

If she’s testing the water for a presidential bid, she’s sure getting off to a rocky start.


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