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Tucker hits CNN over the head for having ‘Russian ties’ of its own

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted CNN for having its own ties to Russia, calling its Turkish network a “propaganda outlet” for the Russian government.

Carlson focused on CNN Turk, pointing out that Turkey is an ally of Russia, during Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Not many people would describe the Turkish government as an American ally, instead it’s an ally of Russia,” he said, explaining that Turkey has worked “very closely” with Russia in Syria and has bought billions of dollars worth of military equipment from Russia.

“That doesn’t mean a lot for America alone, it also means a lot for CNN because if Turkey is a Russian ally, then CNN is a Russian ally too,” Carlson said.

“CNN operates CNN Turk which is a mouthpiece for the Turkish government and its pro-Russian policies,” he added, noting that the network “makes a lot of money from this,” though “they won’t tell us how much.”

“CNN Turk is basically a propaganda outlet for the Erdogan government and Vladimir Putin,” Carlson explained.

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“This is obviously a troubling national security development. Russia essentially has hacked our cable news system,” he continued. “Ominous.”

Carlson noted that CNN was not responding to inquiries about its international network.

“We contacted CNN to ask once again if they plan to cut ties with CNN Turk. They have not responded,” he said. “Maybe they’re waiting for Putin to wake up so they can ask him what to do.”

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