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Hannity and Kimmel’s escalating feud is beginning to make a bar room brawl look civil

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The war of words between Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel escalated rapidly as the two continued to trade insults on the air and on social media.

The feud ignited after Hannity referred to the late-night host as an “ass-clown” after Kimmel mocked Melania Trump’s accent as she read a story to children during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

“Ass-clown Kimmel. Now I got to tell you something. What a disgrace. Hey, Mr. Kimmel, that’s her fifth language. How many do you speak?” the Fox News host blasted Kimmel on his show Wednesday.

Kimmel fired back during his show on Thursday, calling it ironic to be labeled a “despicable disgrace” by Hannity who suuported former Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore who was accused of sexual misconduct.

“Here’s the thing. If I’m an ass clown — and I might very well be — you, Sean, are the whole ass circus,” Kimmel said.

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The brawl moved over to Twitter where Hannity bestowed a new nickname on Kimmel, criticizing the “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” using clips from “The Man Show,” which Kimmel co-hosted.

Hannity promised more attacks on the late night host, and used the hashtag: #pervertkimmel.

The ABC host fired back, “I can’t wait!” as Hannity responded, “Game on.”

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