Controversial GOP state candidate has ‘no intention of apologizing’ for hard-hitting attacks against Hogg

A Republican candidate for the Massachusetts House is refusing to apologize for a string of hard-hitting attacks on David Hogg, the outspoken Parkland, Florida, high school student who has become a media sensation.

Attacks that include calling the 17-year-old Hogg, who has become the face of the left’s gun control campaign, “an absolute idiot” and a “communist pig,” according to The Hill.

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Ron Beaty, a county commissioner in Barnstable, is not be your typical Republican, having served 14 months in federal prison in the 90s for threatening President Bush, according to CBS Boston.

And while he has since protected his Twitter feed, the candidate has launched some harsh online attacks against the student who called 5 million NRA members “child murderers.”

Other hits include calling Hogg “a two bit punk” and a “self-promoting opportunistic rat.”

In sharing that he had blocked Hogg on Twitter, Beaty called him an “inept political insect and socialist twit,” The Hill reported.

He offered a survey asking followers: “In your view, is #DavidHogg a/k/a #HoggBoy & “The Hoggster” a fascist wannabe?”

Another tweet sure to get the ire of the left mentioned rocker Ted Nugent, who was in the news last week for calling the Parkland student activists “liars” and saying he feels sorry for the teens who “have no soul.”

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“I agree with Ted Nugent,” Beaty tweeted on Wednesday, according to The Hill. “#DavidHogg is brainwashed. It’s tragic and he probably can’t be fixed, a lost cause.”

Beaty also made it clear on Twitter that he’s not apologetic, but does believe Hogg owes Fox News’ Laura Ingraham an apology for leading a boycott against her show.

“I have no intention of apologizing about my statements on #DavidHogg. However, #TheHoggMan should apologize to Laura Ingraham,” he tweeted on Tuesday, before protecting his account.

Beaty also told Independent Journal Review he has “no reason” to apologize.

“Apologize? There is no reason to do so,” he said. “I stand by my various statements and survey inquiries.”

The candidate told IJR the backlash being seen from “ultra-liberal Democrats and their fanatical anti-Trump, anti-Second Amendment disciples” was not unexpected.

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