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Geraldo jumps to throw pal Laura Ingraham under the bus. Watch how fast one word from Fox turned that around

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Geraldo Rivera appeared to make an abrupt about-face after criticizing his Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham.

At a New York City launch party for his latest book, Rivera slammed Ingraham for mocking Parkland student David Hogg after he had talked about some colleges that had rejected his applications.

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“What she did was terrible,” Rivera told The Wrap on Monday. “What she said was just indefensible.”

Ingraham offered an apology after her tweet but Hogg demanded more, calling for a boycott of her Fox News show, “The Ingraham Angle” which has resulted in over a dozen companies pulling their advertising.

Rivera didn’t know about Ingraham’s fate at the network but said it’s “not going to be an easy road.”

Fox News, which has stood firmly behind Ingraham who is on vacation this week, responded to the TV news veteran’s remarks.

“Geraldo is out of the loop on this issue and speaks for no one but himself,” a spokesperson told The Wrap.

By Tuesday,  the Fox News contributor appeared to reverse course.

Rivera told The Wrap that he was not a fan of boycotts in general, calling them a “threat to the First Amendment.”

“I detest secondary boycotts. I think they’re anti-democratic. They are a threat to the First Amendment,” he said. “They give the power to the ad department over the editorial department in news organizations.”

He also denounced the advertiser boycotts as a “really low blow.”

“It’s censorship of the worst kind,” Rivera said. “To destroy her career and destroy her show by using economic clout, the intimidation of advertisers, I think is really low blow.”

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