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Lauren Hogg’s upset by clear backpacks, armed police. Giving up one’s rights because of a few bad guys stinks, huh?

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When you start a movement to take away rights, it will come back to bite you.

Lauren Hogg, younger sister of David Hogg, launched a massive anti-gun movement with the help of Democrat operatives and well-organized “resistance” groups.

Last month’s March for Your Lives rally drew a few hundred thousand screaming activists demanding that the Second Amendment either be repealed or amended in the wake of the Parkland School massacre where the Hogg siblings attend school.

And it looks like Stoneman Douglas High School was listening, and decided to implement some changes of its own. The young Hogg wasn’t too pleased about it:

Stoneman Douglas Principal Ty Thompson said the heightened security measures would be “very similar to when you enter a sporting event, concert, or even Disney World,” in a memo sent to parents, the New York Post reported.

All in-session classrooms will be locked, and students entering the school will pass through metal detectors. Metal detecting wands will be used to new security guards who will be searching sports bags and bags carrying musical instruments, according to the Post.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas student sits next to her new mandatory clear backpack, as part of the schools new security measures after the February 14, 2018 school shooting that killed 17 people. (Photo by Emilee McGovern/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Perhaps if Lauren, her brother and peers didn’t start screeching from every media platform about how unsafe they feel in “NRA’s America” her school would’ve taken a subtler approach. But then again, maybe not, since her school, the FBI and the Broward Cowards didn’t nothing to stop a known madman from shooting up the place to begin with.

Either way, Hogg was completely unaware of how she helped create her new circumstances and continued to vent on Twitter. And this is rich:

The young Hogg has joined the chorus of Stoneman Douglas students upset of over a new policy that dictates they must carry transparent backpacks. Because losing your right to privacy completely sucks, doesn’t it kiddos?

Admittedly, the backpack seems like a desperate, reactionary ploy to visually appear as if drastic measures are being taken. But rational people ask why officials wouldn’t have stopped someone who had publicly expressed his intent to commit mass murder rather than punish, and take away the rights from innocent students?

Hogg didn’t see the hypocrisy of her anti-gun movement, nor the valuable lesson in it, but that didn’t stop Twitter from chiming in:

Totally sucks!

Hogg’s conservative classmate Kyle Kushuv weighed in too, letting her know he thought she had at least one thing right:


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