Trump’s latest Rasmussen poll numbers could really get under Obama’s skin

President Trump’s latest approval ratings are sure to send liberals into a tailspin.

Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll on Monday showed Trump with a 50 percent approval rating, surpassing former President Obama at the same time in his presidency, The Daily Caller reported.

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Obama had a 46 percent approval rating in Rasmussen’s tracking poll on April 2, 2010.

Trump’s steadily rising approval ratings may be baffling for the left as they repeatedly attack him for his comments and decisions. The climb can be seen in less-favorable polls as aggregator FiveThirtyEight put the president’s overall approval at 40 percent, with a disapproval rating of 53.2 percent.

The February 27 Rasmussen tracking poll was the last time Trump hit 50 percent.

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A CNN poll last week showed the president’s approval rating is at an 11 month high of 42 percent.

Another Associated Press poll last week showed a seven point increase in approval since February.


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