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‘Most exciting thing ever!’ Roseanne dishes on private congratulatory call from Trump

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Roseanne Barr was thrilled when President Donald Trump called to congratulate her on her monster ratings for her “Roseanne” reboot, which aired this week.

“They said, ‘Hold please, for the President of the United States of America,’ and it was about the most exciting thing ever!” Barr told Good Morning America. “It was just very, very sweet of him to congratulate us.”

Barr made show-business history after her hit sitcom “Roseanne” returned to TV after a 21-year hiatus. The original “Roseanne” aired from 1988 to 1997.

The “Roseanne” revival scored record-high ratings in its debut on March 27. In the reboot, Barr’s character is a Trump supporter, while her TV sister is a Trump hater.

The first episode of the “Roseanne” reboot notched a stunning 21.9 million total viewers, making it the highest-rated show in four years. The original “Roseanne” aired for 10 seasons and was once the No. 1 show on television.

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Barr, a former liberal Hillary supporter who now vocally backs President Trump, said she was moved by his congratulatory call.

“We just kind of had a private conversation, but we talked about a lot of things and he’s just happy for me. I’ve known him for many years and he’s done a lot of nice things for me over the years. And it was just a friendly conversation about working and television and ratings.”

Barr said she and Trump have a lot in common, because they both starred in TV shows that were once No. 1, so they understand how thrilling it is to connect to a huge audience. “He really understands ratings and how they measure things,” Barr said. “And that’s kind of been an interest of mine too.”

The reboot of "Roseanne" returned with its entire original cast. (ABC PR photo)
The reboot of “Roseanne” returned with its entire original cast. (ABC PR photo)

Last week, Roseanne Barr made headlines after slamming liberals for going “so far” left that they alienated former liberals like herself. “You all went so f**ken far out!” Barr told Trump-hating comedian Jimmy Kimmel. “You lost everything. I mean, seriously!”

In having her TV alter ego be a Trump supporter, Barr hopes she can open a dialogue about politics that’s not so divisive and mean-spirited as it has become since President Trump took office. “I really hope it opens up civil conversation between people, instead of just mudslinging,” she said.

And more good news: The “Roseanne” reboot has already been renewed for another season. Wow!


The runaway early success of the “Roseanne” reboot may be a signal that the tide is slowly turning in liberal Hollywood, as more conservatives come out of the closet. Case in point: “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker just revealed that they’re Republicans while accepting an award at a liberal event.

“We’re Republicans,” they confessed to radio host Larry Elder.” No, seriously, we’re Republicans!’”

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