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‘They want that wall, Kellyanne!’ Lou Dobbs warns Trump could lose his base if he does not deliver

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Of all the campaign promises uttered by President Donald Trump, building the wall along the southern border has proven to the one loyal voters most doggedly hang on to.

A reality Fox Business host Lou Dobbs reminded White House counselor Kellyanne Conway of Monday, warning that the president’s base could turn on him if he does not deliver.

President Trump signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill last week that did not include funding to build the long-promised border wall.

Pointing to the trappings of Washington, Conway said “battleships turn very slowly, but they can sometimes sink very quickly,” noting that the DC establishment is not adapting to the president, expecting him to instead adapt to them.

“That’s not going to happen,” she insisted, saying Trump will be more involved in the next spending bill.

Dobbs countered by ripping Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan to shreds, calling his actions “damnable.”

“This man is absolutely an obstructionist fighting this president at every quarter,” he said, “and there are — his base, the president’s base, is outraged at signing that $1.3 trillion spending bill.”

Conway stressed Congress’ low approval rating and said Trump’s ratings were up and the president was “very focused on making good on the agenda he promised.”

“Don’t push that too far,” Dobbs cautioned. “What he promised was a wall.”

Conway said Trump “wants this wall, it was a centerpiece of his campaign.”

“But he’s not making good on a campaign promise with the wall, he’s protecting this country,” Conway added. “We have to have, we’re a sovereign nation that has to have physical borders.”

“You are talking to choir here… the audience of this broadcast,” Dobbs replied. “That is why they want that d*mn wall, Kellyanne.”

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