Shut out of event, pro-gun shooting survivor blasts opportunist Hogg for ‘egregious and inflammatory’ rhetoric

Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Florida school shooting, called out the “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, D.C. as an anti-Republican protest and slammed his outspoken classmate, David Hogg, for his “egregious and inflammatory” rhetoric.

The Stoneman Douglas High School junior has been one of the voices shut out of the events which saw hundreds of thousands of  anti-gun protesters take to the streets in cities across the nation.

“I saw this [march] as extremely anti-GOP,” Kashuv told Fox News on Saturday. “One of the biggest causes of this march is to be anti-Republican.”

“A lot of the things David Hogg is saying are egregious and inflammatory,” he added, referring to the fellow student who has become the left’s media darling as he has become the student face of the gun control lobby.

Hogg spoke at the Washington “March for Our Lives” rally and called those listening to vote out legislators who support the National Rifle Association.

“The cold grasp of corruption shackles the District of Columbia. The winter is over. Change is here. The sun shines on a new day. And the day is ours,” he said from the stage.  “First time voters show up 18 percent of the time in midterm elections. Not any more. Now who here is going to vote in the 2018 election? If you listen real close, you hear the people in power shaking.”

He slammed lawmakers who are in good standing with the NRA and who “allow the slaughter of children,” warning that they should “get their resume ready.”

The NRA does not hold an “evil power” over politicians the way gun control advocates think, Kashuv said on Fox News, adding that he doesn’t believe Hogg’s comments are true and his actions are not “positive for the American people.”

“Guns aren’t the issue. It’s everything surrounding acquiring a weapon,” Kashuv said, pointing out the failures by law enforcement as well as mental health issues for those seeking to purchase guns.

“Where was the call for no more failures by law enforcement?” host Leland Vittert asked, focusing on why Hogg and others have only called out the NRA and gun control talking points while ignoring the other areas that should be part of the debate for increased school safety.

“I talked to so many marchers and they don’t have a clear-cut solution,” Kashuv said. “And it pains me not to see the government be held accountable for their failures.”

Vittert asked why it is “so easy to pivot” to the gun issue and asked why students are not addressing the other facets of the debate.

“It’s so easy to just bash the Second Amendment and bash guns. It’s hard to look at all the facts,” Kashuv responded. “It’s hard to realize that guns aren’t the issue. It’s easy to regurgitate talking points.”

Kashuv questions the “intellectual honesty” of Hogg and his classmates and their ability to “hold a clear message point.”

“There’s no doubt that they care about the issue,” he added. “The thing is that they’re branding it as stopping school violence but in reality it’s an anti-gun march.”

Twitter users seemed to back Kashuv and appeared to findHogg’s speech disturbing on many levels.

Frieda Powers


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