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Girls write a letter to President Trump and end up making cookies with Melania at the White House

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Two young cousins from Maryland got the experience of a lifetime after receiving an invitation from President Donald Trump to visit the White House and bake him some cookies.

And do so with the company of first lady Melania Trump.

The two girls, 9-year-old Celia Sheehan and 12-year-old Natalie Elder Dalton, wrote a letter to the president asking to bake cookies for him, according to the Daily Caller.

The sycophant pro-Obama media that fawned over Michelle Obama as if she were a goddess all but ignored the precious moment.

The first lady’s Instagram account shared a photo of the adventure.

“A big thank you to Celia and her big sister Natalie from Clarksburg, MD for traveling to the @WhiteHouse to visit! I had a wonderful time watching you bake cookies!” the caption read, along with the hashtag #ChocolateChipCookies.

Mrs. Trump’s official Twitter account also shared photos of the feel-good occasion:

Once baked, the girls personally delivered the chocolate chip cookies to President Trump, as seen in the White House photo below.

The looks on the faces of the girls showed they were enjoying to moment, and all but confirms that they do not watch CNN.

Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen

Mrs. Trump did not spend her entire day in the kitchen, though, as the first lady delivered remarks at the 2018 International Women of Courage Award Ceremony, where she presented glass awards to recipients.

“As we recognize these incredible women, let us think for a moment about what courage truly is,” Mrs. Trump said. “Courage is the quality most needed in this world, yet it is often the hardest to find. Courage sets apart those who believe in higher calling and those who act on it. It takes courage not only to see wrong, but strive to right it. Courage is what sets apart the heroes from the rest. It is equal parts bravery and nobility. The women of courage we honor here today are heroes. They’re heroes in the countries they call home. They’re heroes for the entire world.”

This too drew scant coverage from the media, which was obsessed with reporting that the first lady and the president traveled separately to Andrews Air Force Base for a planned trip to Mar-a-Lago.

An attempt to intimate potential marital strife, no doubt, after a former Playboy Playmate publicly claimed to have had a 10-month affair with Trump.

The president is seen arriving alone at Andrews Air Force Base in the photo below.

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