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Tucker warns collusion of Dems and corporate giants quickly becoming biggest threat to freedom

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson warned that Americans are losing their Second Amendment rights as the left colludes with big tech and financial companies to push their anti-gun agenda.

“The ideological gap between the leaders of America’s most powerful corporations and, say, the Democratic Party is basically nonexistent. They agree on everything,” Carlson said in a monologue Thursday during “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Now, having failed at the ballot box in 2016, the left is using other means to make the outcome of those elections irrelevant. Nowhere is this clearer than on the subject of the Second Amendment,” he said, arguing that, not only do Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms, many do not want any restrictions on that right.

“It doesn’t matter,” Carlson continued.  “The left is now colluding with large companies to roll back your rights to bear arms without any legislation at all. No public debate. They are just doing it.”

He cited recent examples like the removal of the page for gun deals from the website Reddit, and Google-owned YouTube banning the posting of videos linking to gun sellers or promoting the purchase of guns and accessories.

“You can’t get the information anymore,” the Fox News host said.

“But the most amazing example of this comes from Citi Bank,” Carlson added, referring to the bank’s announcement on Thursday that it would start requiring clients to place some restrictions on gun sales.

“Now, that company announced today it will require all of its clients to block gun sales to those under 21, to bar the sale of bump stocks or high capacity magazines,” Carlson explained, reminding viewers that a decade ago, Citigroup received a massive bailout of billions of taxpayer dollars.

“That’s why they still exist,”he said. “Now they turn around and work to undermine the constitutional rights of the taxpayers who bailed them out.”

The new policy is “not centered on an ideological mission to rid the world of firearms,” the Citi announcement read, showing the bank is joining the likes of Dick’s Sporting Goods and even Walmart in caving in to demands by the left.

“This is happening over and over. More companies are participating and they’re taking action on more issues,” Carlson warned. “The fear the government might remove your rights is becoming quaint. Big tech and finance are doing it for them already. With no public debate they just do it and tough luck if you don’t like it.”

Larry Keane, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation told Carlson the YouTube censorship is a “deeply troubling” development as the First and Second Amendment rights of Americans are being targeted.

“It’s the free market of ideas except they have a monopolistic power and they’re putting a finger on the scale and deciding what information Americans are allowed to see,” Keane said, adding that Congress needs to investigate how the social media sites are “abusing their monopolistic power on information to advance a liberal anti-gun agenda.”

Carlson continued the discussion by debating with Democratic consultant, Antjuan Seawright who applauded companies that were standing up for what he claimed the majority of the country supports. Though Carlson repeatedly attempted to argue that corporate giants with concentrated power should not make policy instead of elected officials, the liberal guest could not follow the line of logic.

Frieda Powers


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