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If you thought others ripped McCabe, you haven’t heard the judge, yet: You ‘should have been taken out in cuffs’

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In her Opening Statement, Fox News Channel’s Judge Jeanine Pirro tore into former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for claiming “victim status,” saying he’s lucky he wasn’t “taken out in cuffs.”

McCabe, who allegedly authorized sensitive information be leaked to a reporter and then misled investigators when asked about it, was fired Friday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Pirro said McCabe is “seeking to join that elusive hood of crooks who feign innocence when they are caught,” and likened his firing to a “classic crime family take-down.”

“Andy, I don’t know how to break this to you, but the only reason you are even in the news is because you’re a liar,” she said. “And when you lie under oath and to the FBI, you are a wrongdoer, you are a cheat and offender. So, McCabe, are you a crook, too?”

Pirro detailed how McCabe “lied” to the FBI and the inspector general, lied about the Clinton Foundation investigation and she reminded the nation his wife, who ran for office in Virginia, “gets $700,000 from the Clinton cash machine and [he] handled the Clinton email investigation.”

She expressed disappointment that the nation wasn’t treated to a perp walk.

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“Andy, you can complain all you want that you were unjustly fired,” she said. “But the facts contradict that. You should’ve been fired a long time ago. You should lose your law license and you should have been taken out in cuffs.”

As for the crime family analogy, Pirro referenced fired FBI director James Comey and asked “who’s going to rat on who,” as she recalled a classic mob flick.

“If this were the movie “The Godfather,” ‘Cardinal’ [Jim] Comey is the capo di tutti,” she intimated. “Andrew McCabe is the enforcer, Lisa Page is both the consigliere and the gumade and Peter Strzok is a button man.”

How’s that for “entertainment,” Shep?

Tom Tillison


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