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Fox & Friends puts McCabe firing in perspective: ‘You feel like you got a piece of America back’

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While critics of President Trump spiraled into indignant shock over the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, one U.S. Army veteran and familiar media face though it was good news.

The breaking news of McCabe’s firing was the opening subject on Saturday’s edition of “Fox & Friends” and co-host Pete Hegseth said that the level of accountability shown in the FBI official’s termination “restores confidence” as it is “unheard of” to fire someone with over two decades of service in the federal agency.

“In most countries, corrupt officials get away with the money. They’re never held accountable,” Hegseth, who is strongly being considered to replace VA Secretary David Shulkin, said.

“But I feel like with this move, you feel like you got a piece of America back, you got a piece of law & order back where actual standards matter,” noting that anyone from the lowest to highest office at the FBI is not allowed to lie to the agency.

McCabe, who stepped aside as the agency’s deputy director in January, was fired Friday night just hours before his scheduled retirement was to take effect, putting his lifetime pension at risk. Sessions made his decision under mounting pressure to fire McCabe and after reviewing a recommendation by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility to terminate him.

McCabe fired back in his own statement, slamming the “attack on my credibility” and focusing his anger at President Trump, pointing to an “unprecedented effort by the Administration, driven by the President himself, to remove me from my position, destroy my reputation, and possibly strip me of a pension that I worked 21 years to earn.”

An internal report from the DOJ inspector general concluded that McCabe was not forthcoming with answers regarding his 2016 decision to allow F.B.I. officials to speak with reporters about a Clinton Foundation investigation. He was also frequently targeted by the president who criticized his wife who ran for a Virginia State Senate seat as a Democrat, receiving campaign donations from a political committee run by Clinton ally and then-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Fox News’ Ed Henry noted that while McCabe complained about his credibility being under attack, he would do better to question whether he destroyed his own credibility.

“This I think also is the beginning of cleaning up the reputation of the FBI that has been really sullied by James Comey, by Andrew McCabe,” Rachel Campos-Duffy added.

Hegseth, who served in the U.S. Army National Guard, served in Guantanamo Bay and was deployed overseas three times as well as being an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran with two Bronze Stars, criticized “journalists” too for having a meltdown over “the guy who did something wrong” getting fired.

Liberals were up in arms over the news and called fire and brimstone down on the Trump administration for its action.


Frieda Powers


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