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House Intel Dem warns Trump: ‘Gloat now, you will be fired soon. And it’s not going to be done cowardly …’

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A Democratic congressman on the House Intelligence Committee fired an outrageous shot at President Trump following his remarks on the termination of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

Rep. Eric Swalwell slammed Trump for celebrating McCabe’s firing on Friday, telling him to “gloat now, but you will be fired soon,” in a late night tweet.

“And it’s not going to be done cowardly, as you’ve done to so many who’ve served you,” Swalwell tweeted Saturday. “There’s a storm gathering, Mr. President, and it’s going to wipe out you and your corrupt organization all the way down to the studs.”

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The California Democrat had unleashed another stinging rebuke in a Friday night tweet.

The president has been openly critical of McCabe and called his firing Friday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions “a great day for democracy.”

Sessions acted on a recommendation that McCabe be fired by the FBI’s Office of Personal Responsibility, based on an investigation revealing the 21-year-veteran of the FBI made “unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor” on multiple occasions, according to a statement by the attorney general.

McCabe, who stepped aside in January after leading the FBI in the weeks after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, shot back in a statement of his own. He unleashed a blistering account of the “unrelenting assault” on his reputation in the past year and laid the blame squarely on the president and his administration.

“I think that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are sending a message to other people in the administration who may have seen something or who may be saying something to [the] special counsel or Congress about the president and his ties to Russia,” Swalwell told CNN on Friday. “I just fear that this is a punitive act, a petty act, right before he’s about to collect his pension, but more intended to send a message to anyone who would cross the president.”

The House Intelligence Committee Democrat felt McCabe’s firing is “just an effort to take a key player off the field.”


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