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This time, Hillary’s slip lands her in the hospital

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Hillary Clinton’s trip to India has taken another slip, literally, and the latest fall sent her on an early morning trip to the hospital.

According to a report by DNA India, the former secretary of state slipped in the bathtub at Umaid Bhawan Palace, the five-star resort where she was staying, on Tuesday afternoon. Doctors reportedly treated her there, according to The Times of India and advised her to cancel her scheduled visit of the 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort later that day.

(AP Photo/Sunil Verma)

But the pain intensified in the early morning hours on Wednesday and she was taken to Goyal Hospital in the city of Jodphur about 5 a.m. local time.

Clinton reportedly had X-ray and CT scans done that revealed she suffered a hairline fracture of her right wrist.

After having the injury treated with a plaster bandage, she was told to get another checkup in three days, according to The Times of India.

Clinton had apparently been treated for pain in her right hand since her arrival in Jodphur Tuesday afternoon, according to the publications which noted that her doctors in the U.S. were consulted in her treatments.

The incident followed on Monday’s mishap when Clinton slipped – twice – while coming down the stone stairs of the historic Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu.

Aides helped her regain her balance but Clinton tripped a second time, almost falling over.

Image: screenshot

The former Democratic presidential candidate was on a three-day private tour in India, promoting her memoir about the 2016 US presidential election, “What Happened.”

Her slips in India do not seem to be related to pneumonia, which was the reason given for her infamous near-fall at a 9/11 memorial back in 2016.

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