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‘Morning Joe’ praying for Stormy Daniels to blow Trump out of the White House

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

“Morning Joe’s” politics panel discussed the Stormy Daniels controversy Friday and claimed her accusations could bring down President Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Morning Joe” regular John Heilemann tried to connect her story to the release of the Access Hollywood tape during the 2016 presidential election and began extrapolating wild theories about Trump without any proof.

“The Access Hollywood tape comes out and in the week to ten days after that you have more than a dozen women who accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment or sexual assault. This case is floating around in that period, the Stormy Daniels accusation,” he said. “And then suddenly there’s an agreement struck. A scenario in which she was essentially forced into an agreement where she’s silenced in the last two weeks of a presidential campaign because she had a credible accusation.”

(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

“The notion possibly that she was not just paid off but was essentially forced to take the payment and was told to take the money and shut up or she would be physically harmed, that in the last two weeks of a presidential campaign … that’s a gargantuan story,” Heilemann added. “I’m obviously speculating here but this is the time frame in which it took place.”

“That will bring down this presidency,” panelist Donny Deutsch said. “This is physical harm to a woman. This is not sex, this is not groping.

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