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Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions is the ‘most feckless, incompetent AG we’ve had in modern American history’

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FOX News contributor Gregg Jarrett was appalled that President Trump has to explain the Constitution to the state of California and that his Attorney General is too “incompetent” to do his job.

The Fox news legal analyst weighed in Trump’s first visit as president to California where he unloaded on Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and slammed policies discouraging cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Citing state officials defying the White House in protecting criminal illegal immigrants, with the recent example of the mayor of Oakland even warning residents of an impending ICE raid, Jarrett was exasperated.

“I would truly like to see the Department of Justice start indicting city and county and state officials,” he told Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tuesday.

“You know they’re gutless,” Dobbs responded. “And You know this attorney general doesn’t have the stomach for a fight. It’s just not going to happen…”

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“Well, unfortunately and I’m sad to say this: Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is the most feckless and incompetent Attorney General we’ve had in modern American history,” Jarrett said  “He’s incapable of doing the job.”

Dobbs topped Jarrett’s characterization with his view of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as “the most presumptuous SOB” for his comments Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller “is not an unguided missile.”

“He is a guided missile aimed directly at the presidency of Donald Trump,”Dobbs declared.

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