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We have a new contender for best liberal meltdown at pro-Trump rally ever

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No one brings out the lunacy of the left better than President Donald Trump.

A video of a liberal snowflake having a serious meltdown at an apparent Trump rally is taking the internet by storm.

The unhinged woman is seen screaming at the top of her lungs as long as possible until forced to take a breath, while flipping the world around her a double-bird — the zealot deserves some praise for pulling the feat off without passing out.

Students for Trump Chairman Ryan Fournier shared the video online.

“This is why Donald Trump is your President. Liberal tolerance at its finest,” Fournier tweeted.

The woman is eventually surrounded by Trump supports who chant, “USA! USA!,” but she’s not to be deterred. The rally goers soon alter their chant to, “Psych ward! Psych ward!”

It’s hilarious… if you can tolerate the insane screeching!

Just as funny is the reaction on social media, where the woman’s bizarre actions are compared to an exorcism:


Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter that proves sometimes you must laugh to keep from crying:





Tom Tillison


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