‘Get your facts straight, love’: Ingraham’s segment with Baltimore mayor overheats

It didn’t take long for a discussion between Laura Ingraham and Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh to go off the rails.

Pugh appeared Wednesday night on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle to discuss the mayor’s decision to provide “free” busses for students who chose to ditch school on March 14 to attend March for our Lives anti-gun rally in Washington D.C.

It’s no secret that Baltimore has been plagued with poverty and soaring crime, and Ingraham used the city’s plight to drill Pugh’s decision.

“You’re funding buses, in part, to go down to Washington, and yet you have a budget deficit–” Ingraham said.

“You need to get your facts straight, love,” Pugh shot back. “I don’t know whether you’re trying to become the communications director for the Trump administration–”

“I don’t know why you’re getting personal, mayor,” Ingraham interrupted.

Pugh went on to claim that she was only providing a way for Baltimore students to get to D.C. “safely.” But Ingraham challenged the mayor on whether it was her role to transport student activists to rallies.

The rally was sparked by movement that quickly developed after the Parkland massacre where 17 Florida students were gunned down inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Numerous reports and warnings to the FBI and local Broward County Police Department went ignored, and the young madmen was allowed to walk into his former school to commit mass murder, just like he had previously warned he would.

Liberal Parkland survivors were immediately scooped up by CNN, and a handful of powerful Democrat and progressive groups to be paraded in front of America’s television sets as a seemingly spontaneous movement organized by kids. But, as it turns out, they had a lot help.

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Meanwhile, Ingraham continued to drill Pugh on the decision to ship Baltimore kids to the rally that not-so-organically evolved after Parkland, and asked Pugh if she would provide “free busses” for pro-life students if they want to attend the annual March for Life rally next January.

Pugh got around that question by diverting the narrative to slam the NRA.

That set Ingraham off even more.

“We’re getting teachers laid off, personnel laid off, and you’re shuttling students down to a rally!” Ingraham exclaimed. “That does not seem to make sense!”

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