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Tucker vs. Rob Reiner. It was a hot match up.

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hammered Rob Reiner for engaging in “McCarthyism” in response to the left-wing actor and director accusing President Trump of treason.

Reiner posted a tweet in response to the news Friday that 13 Russian nationals were indicted for interference in the 2016 election.

“It is now crystal clear that Russia had a profound impact on the 2016 election. They have attacked US, they are continuing to attack US,” he said. “If Trump is unwilling to acknowledge this and unwilling to protect US, the word TREASON is now center stage.”

Carlson got right to the point with his guest, asking Reiner if he was “embarrassed” by the tweet and his “hysteria” in general.

“No,” the actor answered with ease, before noting that he and Carlson are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

He called for Carlson to join him and do a “great service to the country” by agreeing that the Russians meddled in our elections.

“Yeah, I don’t like foreign countries meddling in our affairs, Carlson replied. “I don’t that you tailor your movies to the Chinese sensors specifications, as you know you do. So I don’t like foreign interference at all. I find it all offensive.”

But Carlson was setting a trap, as he then ripped Reiner for practicing McCarthyism by accusing Trump of treason.

“No, no,” the actor stuttered. “I didn’t accuse him of treason. What I said was if he is refusing to acknowledge the fact that the Russians did attack us during the election, and if he refuses to do anything about it, then you’re conspiring with an enemy. That’s all I’m saying.”

Carlson noted that Trump has killed Russians in Syria, but Reiner, who said we have been “invaded” by Russia, was not impressed.

The Fox News host also had presented a proposal of his own to Reiner.

“Do you agree you probably shouldn’t call people unpatriotic or treasonous on your Twitter account?” he zinged his guest.

Tom Tillison


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