Fireworks erupt on Outnumbered when co-host tries to defend Joy Behar’s attacks on Mike Pence

The brouhaha over “The View” co-host Joy Behar’s denigration of Christians and Vice President Mike Pence made its way over to Fox News’ “Outnumbered” on Friday, and things got heated in a hurry when a lone panelist tried to defend Behar.

While “The View” is filled with a majority of liberals who give Behar’s insanity plenty of space, “Outnumbered” was an entirely different story.


“This isn’t just an attack on Christians,” co-host Lisa Kennedy said. “I mean, she’s basically anyone who [fears God] is the problem.”

The #OneLuckyGuy of the day, Lawrence Jones, agreed and called Behar’s comments “offensive” and the other “The View” hosts, save for Meghan McCain, “cowards” for going easy on their co-host.

“People were upset about it, of all different faiths, because it’s offensive,” Jones said. “I mean, there’s a lot of religions I don’t agree with, because I’m a Christian. But I don’t talk about those religions. Whatever they decide to do, it’s up to them.”

Melissa Francis mentioned the preponderance of liberals on the show who likely think the “majority of Americans” think Christians are “silly” for their views.

“It’s not about Christians, it’s about hearing from God,” Francis said. “When I look at that table, I know that most of the people around that table think that the majority of Americans share that view that you are silly…”

At which point, co-host Jessica Tarlov decided to attempt a meager defense of Behar and her comments as a “joke.”

“I think what she said,” said Tarlov, insisting that Behar thinks Pence is “crazy” but that she “doesn’t think that Mike Pence is mentally ill.”

After her co-panelists objected to the contradiction, Talov tried to clarify: “Let me finish my sentence! She thinks he is crazy because of the policies he supports.”

Finally, Dagen McDowell got the last word in against Behar, and it was a doozy:

“We lean on prayer and we lean on our faith morning, noon and night and I pray for people I don’t know every single day,” said McDowell. “It is shameful and appalling that Joy Behar would belittle somebody’s faith that way, and she ought to own it.”

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