Sarah Sanders shuts down April Ryan’s incessant hammering like a press secretary ninja

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was having none of April Ryan’s line of questioning and torched the reporter for repeatedly trying to imply the Trump administration was withholding information.

Sanders originally did not understand the question from the American Urban Radio reporter as she asked about the recently updated White House budget. Ryan attempted to find out if President Trump’s budget included more funding for the Violence Against Women Act, in light of “all of this that’s happened,” she said referring to former aide Rob Porter’s resignation following accusations of domestic violence by his two former wives.

“I’d have to look at the specific number,” Sanders responded when Ryan asked how much funding was going toward the Act, explaining that the budget was just “rolled out” Monday.

“Is the number the number that’s always been?” Ryan asked.

“What was requested has been put into the president’s budget,” Sanders replied as Ryan continued her probing. “We don’t write a budget in 20 minutes, so it’s been a part of something that’s been ongoing.”

“I understand that, but there were some things in that budget Mr. Mulvaney did not tell us about,” Ryan countered citing a briefing Monday by Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney.

Sanders was done.

“That means you probably didn’t ask those questions,” she said, shutting down the reporter.  “I’m going to keep going.”

“He purposefully didn’t give us that information,” Ryan blurted out, intent on planting her narrative.

Sanders never blinked and just moved on.

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Frieda Powers


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