Justin Trudeau condescendingly ‘corrects’ woman for using the term ‘mankind’

Granted, we’re not talking about all that big a leap here, but Justin Trudeau went from liberal to patently absurd last week when a woman asked him about Canadian policies regarding religious charitable organizations.

“Maternal love,” said the woman, “is the love that is going to change the future of mankind, so we’d like you to…”

“We like to say, ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind,'” Trudeau scolded, because apparently anything with the word “man” in it is sexist, or something.

Check it out, and try not to groan…

Canadian Prime Minister AND Grand Poobah of Political-Correctness, all at the same time … who knew!

At any rate, social media isn’t united much, but reaction to Trudeau’s silliness seemed to be completely one-sided. If nothing else, at least the Canadian PM can say he brought Twitter together!




And finally…

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